Training booking system

You are reserving a space for training at our club on a Tuesday.

You agree to update the booking if your child/you are ill or cannot make it so that the space maybe given up to another student. Booking a slot and not turning up may result in you being charged for that week if it resulted in someone not being able to train.

You agree that you/your child will train as long as they are not showing any Covid19 symptoms or any illness. We will have set procedures that we have to follow and you will have to comply with. Details will be sent out.

We in return will offer socially distanced training with hand sanitiser available, 1-way systems, limited access and fresh air flowing as much as possible.

Click on the training time. Please add your name next to your child’s name if it is not you that trains. You may create an account or book as a guest. We are limited to spaces to we are trialling a booking.

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