About Ware Karate Club

The Ware Karate Club (also known as the Wodson Park Karate Club) has been established for over 40 years and has seen many changes over the period. The main one being a complete re-build of the sports center into a very plush facility with all the amenities. The lessons are held in a very large Dojo with a wooden sprung floor. The club instructors predominately consist of one 3rd Dan and a 1st Dan and are both fully qualified.

This club is also closely linked with other clubs in the area. Our instructors also teach at other clubs.

We take children from aged 6 years old and the 1st lesson is free.


Every Tuesday 6-7 pm throughout the year.


We are associated with the ESKA English Shotokan Karate Association. For full details, we recommend that you visit their website www.eska.org.uk 


After about 6 weeks people buy a Gi (a suit) which is white and a club badge. Until then they wear comfortable clothing with no buckles etc on them. All exercise is done in bare feet.


All gradings are held in Stevenage at the main headquarters every 3 months. They must have done the minimum number of lessons for that grade and have the instructors approval.

License and Insurance

All ESKA members, regardless of grade, must hold a current ESKA Licence in order to train or grade within the Association (excludes the induction period for beginners). The licence is required so that the student is covered by the insurance held by the Association.
The ESKA Licence is renewable annually every year.